Dec. 23rd, 2007

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Well, the top of my bureau, actually, since my actual desk is clear except for my mug of pens. But anyway.

From left to right:

Treasure chest. Contains index cards, on which are cards me and my friends used to play 1000 Blank White Cards. Lots of fun. Try it.
Toy helicopter with no rotors. Needs no further explanation.
Pewter wizard. Birthday present from years and years ago.
Zidane figurine on top of Christmas-themed box. A present from [personal profile] dark_puck. The box is kept out all year because I like the box. Inside is some coins, some ten-sided dice, a screw and a scrabble tile.
Action figure of Neo from the Matrix. Again, self-explanatory.
Demonic ducky. Present from a friend. Useful as a distraction.
Ramune bottle, Bawls bottle, and bottle of "Freaky Dog" soda. Just interesting bottles.
Tube of Rowntree's Berry Pastiles. Present from a friend of mine who went to London. Really good. Would really like to get hands on more.
Generic warrior woman figurine. Got at a ren faire.
Big-headed Spider-Man. Found in a cereal box.
Can of Duff beer that contains a pack of Simpsons playing cards. I used a sharpie to turn it into a can of Düff. From Sweden.
Egg timer. An early Christmas present from my mother. I have a nasty tendency to forget things that I, say, put in the oven. Handy!
Finally, my lava lamp, currently switched off. Purple with pink blobs. Very trippy.

I do hope this has been informative. Have a nice day.


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