Nov. 22nd, 2009

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Yes, I'm making a livejournal post. It's only been, what, most of a year? Well, I have things I wanna say, so I'm gonna say them.

[personal profile] dark_puck turned me onto Tamora Pierce not long ago. Around that time, I read a good amount of the Tortall Universe books, and enjoyed them. More recently, I've been tearing into Circle of Magic, which I'm finding I like even better.

A couple weeks ago, I acquired the first book of that series via (which I have been using religiously since I posted about it in November '08, seen below), and not long after I finished that, went about grabbing the rest of the quartet via the same service. Once I finished THAT, I was elated to discover that my library had all of the rest of them. I promptly checked the rest out all at once. Glee. I just finished the second quartet, and am now digging into The Will of the Empress. Delicious delicious bookage.

To anyone who hasn't read Tamora Pierce's stuff before, I highly recommend it. She writes complex characters in a well-developed world who take part in highly compelling stories. yeah, I'm gonna need more books soon. Anyone reading this read anything good recently?


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